Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dear Noah:

I opened all your amazing homemade presents to me last night. I now have a nice stack of wonderfully drawn pictures of RR crossing signals. I told you I was going to start an album so I could preserve all these and be able to look at them all over and over again.

SO far you are doing much better this year with the camera....hopefully you realize that it is up to YOU to take good care of it so it will continue working.

I was looking at videoclips from my archives as recent as just ONE year ago......and WOW you have come a long way. I listened to audioclips and re-read some of my posts here......and it is amazing how much progress has been made over the year. I was not sure some of the clips would be there but they were and I hope and pray they is a wonderful record of you and your journey.

I deliberately went back to May of 2005 and June 2005 because that was right after you were OFFICIALLY formally diagnosed with autism and other things.....and I remember you were still undergoing some other tests like an EKG...etc. That was a nightmare! I also remember it was a very stressful time because that was when your daddy and I were having a lot of problems and he seemed to be setting you off constantly. There were many clips of the stress in our home from that time and it quickly reminded me of why I packed up and we left and came here. SO I know I did the right thing.....for the time.....etc...just sometimes wish it could be easier than it is now......though I know it will get better and easier as time goes on. It has to!

I love you.......very very much Noah!

mommy :X

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