Monday, December 11, 2006

Dear Noah:

you can be absolutely hilarious. Tonight before bedtime we read a Blues Clues book about feeling "frustrated."

Once done you turned to me and said "mommy......I am feeling frustated." When I asked why you said "I am feeling frustrated because I have this booger way up in my nose and I can't get it out!"

(it was so difficult not to bust out laughing).......then you said "oh,...I got it!" and promptly placed it in your mouth to eat it!!!!!!

i love you anyway..........

mommy :X

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Laura said...

Hi Melinda!!! You win a prize!!!! I am so glad you left a comment on my blog! I have started to read a little bit about Noah! I love the story about the little stuffed dog named Russia and may I confess I understand about boogers too.

I am interested to know who your sister is and all about your work as a transcriptionist. at home? in a hospital?

Can you please email me your email address so I can get working on your customized prize! I am at