Monday, December 04, 2006

Dear Noah:

You are a bit funny sometimes......I was putting a white scar over my head to go run errands with you the other day because it was so cold outside and you looked up at me and yelled out "YOU LOOK LIKE THE MOTHER!" "ARE you going to have a baby?" Of course once again he was referring to the Virgin Mary.....he has thought I looked like her every time I wear a scarf on my head......"except she usually has on a blue scarf and white dress" he told me.

You have still been picking your nose till it say you WANT to taste and eat the blood. I asked you if you were only after said"I want bloody boogers!!" I about gagged. I am making sure to give you a multivitamin with iron every day!

You have also taken on going who would never dream of going without a good dry shirt on.....have discovered what it feels like to go shirtless.........feeling the warm, soft flannel sheets against your keep telling me you are too hot in the house with a shirt on. I am usually hot all the time. We only keep our house at 66 degrees now......and today since it was only like 14 degrees outside I was even still a bit chilly inside. Here you were strutting around socks or shoes either......just pajama bottoms on. You felt just goosebumps or such. do not always realize a SHIRT is required when it is cold outside.....even under your coat. You wanted to go outside today to hear the monthly emergency alarm test WITHOUT your shirt or shoes on. The neighbors are likely to turn my butt in if they ever saw that! So we will have to work on that one. So far the rule is you can go shirtless at home..........and inside someone else's house if you are extremely hot....otherwise you have to keep it on!~

I have extra work to do tonight which is cutting in on our Christmas decorating time and other time together. I do not like this but there is no way around it. I wish I had someone to play with you during this time as it bothers me I have so much to do and cannot always just be with you like I think I should. I did get your train set out today for you to play with.......and we did play that together.......

I made some stew today......was good. Course you had your separate meal. You still pretty much always require a specially cooked meal in order to eat. I am used to it.

I just took a loaf of blueberry bread out of the oven......mmmmmmmmmm.

back to work for me. I love you Noah....wish those teeth would come out....but I am going to have to make an appointment.........

love you ,

mommy :X

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