Friday, August 04, 2006


Yeah...I had already HATED the title to the new bill "COMBAT AUTISM"

yes I truly am just striving for acceptance and awareness...I have never sought a CURE for Noah's autism. I feel like such an idiot....I came so very very close to supporting something that says it like it does in the title...COMBAT AUTISM...what do you think when you read that? I see FIGHTING against autism...stamping it out! A big SOLDIER SHOE coming down and STAMPING/eliminating anything and anyone to do with autism. NOT what I wanted to do......and after reading some disturbing articles and findings some supporters of the bill that I already KNOW DO support eugenics....I can no longer support this bill. If you would like to strive for AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of our autistic kids "just the way they are" please use this convenient link and send a letter to your senator to vote against this bill.

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