Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dear Noah- another breakthrough for you!

So...you have really been wanting to try so many more things now. ....saying you are BIGGER and STRONGER. You have never been able to grip many things to open things as simple as even a fun-sized bag of M&Ms (because of your low muscle tone). Well...yesterday......when I was not feeling well and you wanted a snack...I guess you decided to take it upon yourself to get your own M&Ms all by yourself. You came out to the room....bottle of water in one hand and your cup of M&Ms in the other saying "Mommy....I DID IT ..I DID IT...I opened the bag of M&Ms all by myself!"

AMAZING. Almost 8 and you can now finally do it! YEAH!!!!! I am so proud of you. You are also doing very well wiping your own butt. You wipe at least 2 times on your own again and most times get it clean. This is HUGE progress.....I really believe using flushable wipes has helped tremendously with that!

Yesterday you also took it upon yourself without asking...to help do things you saw needed to be done. Like I had not yet put the sweeper away after sweeping the kitchen floor....(vacuum) so you DID THAT without me even asking or suggesting it. When I forgot to turn the TV off you did it. You are really trying to be helpful and that is HUGE progress for you!

I still feel sort of crummy today. A bit better I think but crummy nonetheless. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow even than I do today.

I love you Noah. FOREVER I will!


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