Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Noah: little steps

We went to the library yesterday and I have noticed that you do much better than in the past now while there. They changed the library around from the last time we were there which sort of upset you a bit but only briefly once I explained to you that it was something the library would do depending on the time of year, seasons, holidays, etc. It was a GOOD thing.

They now had tables and chairs in the kid's section and you immediately went and pulled books off the shelves and started to read them on the floor. I then told you that you could take the books to the table and chairs if you wanted which you did. You sat so quietly and read for a long time. I would say at least 30-45 minutes. Some rowdy kids came in and I was apprehensive about how you might react as this has many times upset you before. In fact during our last library outing a rowdy child came in and wanted to sit in an area you were. You were extremely upset by this...and proceded to voice your displeasure but a high-pitched wail with your head tilted back AFTER you tossed the book you were looking at onto the floor. I talked "calmly" to you and explained this was not just YOUR personal library but everyone's and we shared it with others. AND that was "okay". They had a right to sit there as much as you did. If you wanted to go someplace quiet to read to find a corner of the room off to yourself and read. I made you take a time out...and you did...and you quieted down very quickly. THEN off to read some more...but you became obssessed about sitting in the area you had been before...GUARDING it from anyone else sitting there.

SO the last couple of times has gone much better. I am so happy you love to read so much and do it so very well. This opens up an entirely new world for you...in fact MANY worlds...ANY world. Before when you could or would not even sit ...even for story time to now where you walk in and immediately sit down and get absorbed in good books...is a HUGE milestone for you!

I love you Noah...to the moon and back again! :XXXXXXXXXXX


LynAnne said...

Sometimes leaving to go to the adult part of the library can bring some quiet relief. The only challenge then is to keep Noah out of the adult non-fiction books. Not that there is anything wrong with reading an almanac or two. It's books like "the joy of sex" that might raise some eyebrows

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hi there! Love the new look with the blog, it's awesome.

Noah is such an awesome kiddo! He is one smart guy:)

kyra said...

oh, that is such wonderful progress! i love that noah is getting such enjoyment from reading. such gift and yes, it opens up any world for him.

Melinda said...

thanks for the encouraging words everyone! :)