Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dear Noah- trip to Lowes and the yellow balloon

So. We had to run to Lowes last of your most favorite stores. You always have to check out all the appliances when we go and last night you also had to check all the riding lawnmowers out. Back in the plumbing section this man came up to you and said "are you causing trouble" while you were checking out the toilets on display. You acted sort of shy about this and a bit anxious. You immediately covered your ears with your fingers and came running over to me. The man of course not knowing any better came over and tried to talk some more saying he was only kidding. Next thing I know you are IN the shopping cart...wanting me to push us away from that area. Here came the same man....trying to blow up a yellow balloon to give to you. Now normally you like balloons and take them but there was something about this man and the balloon you wanted nothing to do with. He asked me if you would like a balloon and after I asked and you said NO I said to the man "no but thanks anyway".

I guess that did not REGISTER with this man as here he came....kept following us.....still stretching the balloon and trying to blow it up to give to you anyway. I went on down to the furnace filter section.....and you were panicky. Said he was coming after us to go away and go away NOW. You had your fingers and hands OVER your ears and head down in the cart trying not to be seen. Here came the man who had no clue once again. He made a big mistake then when he shoved the blown up balloon down into the cart WITH YOU as you looked up and smacked the balloon back out of the cart....held your head backwards and screamed and started to cry.........still with your fingers/hands over your ears. The man ONLY then finally acted like he "got it" that you did NOT want a balloon said to me "oh I am sorry" as you sat there and cried....sobbing...I kept on talking to you about furnace filters trying not to place too much emphasis on you crying or why. I KNEW had told the man NO...I had told the man NO....and he still kept at ya. Course I LET you experience all that as a SOCIAL SKILLS see how you would respond and how to redirect you if you responded improperly. In this case I say you did everything right but you encountered one of countless others in the world who choose to ignore what you say and do what they want regardless...almost like they are trying to set you off and make you mad. EVEN once he upset you....and I sort of ignored the whole thing and kept talking in a peaceful voice about something settled back down pretty quickly. I was soooooo thankful though this episode was one of many and not totally surprising. It has been a long time since this type of thing has happened though they still do from time to time.

Anyway.......we got new furnace filters and a hose to add onto the PVC pipe outside by the air conditioner at home to drain the water away from the house's foundation. YOU did great and came out and helped me. Helped me water the plants again too. I have tried giving you chores here at home and you are eating that up. You go on and on about how you are getting to be a big boy and stronger and can do more! You will many times tell me "let me try"..."I am stronger now" and I do. This is all great!

Today I mowed the yard......had to practically run with the battery mower to get the entire yard mowed on one charge but I did it. Today is a pretty nice day...much cooler and not as humid outside.

I got your piano out today and let you play with that. It has been a long time since you got to play it. I need to concentrate this next week or so on getting your room together and the office area together and ready for school! I told you if you wanted to be an engineer and design houses and roads one day you needed to do very very well in school! ONCE I said was like that was all it took. NOW you are wanting to start school as soon as possible and start learning.

YOU are like a sponge and soak up stuff so is simply amazing.

Anyway...I have some work to finish. I love you so much Noah!

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