Tuesday, May 23, 2006

dear Noah:

Came home tonight after a long day. You were quite over stimulated by this point.

SO....you started your usual routines. Opening and closing doors....going in and out the doors....opening grandma's washer and dryer doors....out to the kitchen and opening and closing the freezer and refrigerator doors......walking past the microwave....opening and SLAMMING close the door to that.......the bathroom door was next...around the house...back....and start the entire process all over again. It only seemed to wind you up even more! I finally said you would have to come upstairs as it was your "QUIET HOUR" and you needed to "CALM DOWN".

Now you stand here beside me...and every so many words I type...you PUSH on my right hand...slamming it into the keyboard and I make a mistake and you laugh and giggle even harder. YOU apparently find it very funny!

Anyway....you went upstairs....and then started with your "sounds/stimming" ....where you move an object (usually a ruler or something straight-edged) back and forth in front of your eyes while you make this horrific grunting sound...over and over and over again. Most people would be bothered by this tremendously. I can tune it out somehow. It is a wonder you don't become hoarse!

Okay. I am going to get my PJs on. We bought some wonderful baby yarn for grandma today. ALL different pastel colors. Now she can make more preemie baby hats!

love you little man!

mommy X0X0X0X

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