Friday, May 05, 2006

Dear Noah

ALSO....tonight when Sonny was here grandma started talking about you.....and Sonny and her were talking about Wesley being so tall and skinny and then you..grandma said she thought you were NOT skinny and in fact that you were CHUNKY!!!!??????? excuse me?

You are most definitely NOT even close to being chunky in any way.....shape or form. You are not a bone either but you are not even at the 50th percentile for your age in weight.

This is so typical of what family members start drilling into kids' heads at a young age making them think bad things about their bodies or believing it. I am going to try to keep you from this sort of thing as much as I can. I had to grow up around it..I don't want you to. Right now you are totally aloof to anything like this I am thankful for that. BUT CHUNKY? There is just no way! You have no fat on your body have low muscle tone so you are not extremely muscular...but most 7 year olds are not anyway. BUT no belly on ya...nothing like that. I don't get it.

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