Saturday, May 20, 2006

Autism Every Day videoclip

Video Clips: Autism Every Day

Great link to take you to a video clip about autism and families and how it affects their daily lives. Noah thank goodness has worked through many of these stages already.........but.......WE DID go through these things with him as well and he still has many issues though he has made huge progress.

A clip of how autism affects the families involved in their daily shows the STRESS and work involved.....however....this particular clip does not show the hope and progress many children with autism make over the years. So don't lose hope or sight of that...this clip was made to address and show the STRESS and anguish side of autism...which we all have had to face at some point with our own kids with autism. Noah used to be EXACTLY LIKE these kids in the clip.....behavioral outbursts......emotional mess. He has made HUGE progress and now has very few meltdown moments.....and is learning to control his behaviors better, etc. On the other hand...there will also be some children with autism who are even worse than the children portrayed in this clip.

Click on link...then choose AUTISM EVERY DAY and your connection speed

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