Monday, June 05, 2006


We finally found a home to rent. And this one is a very nice remodeled ranch...with a huge fenced in backyard for you to play in! SO we have been busy getting things moved in there......and buying furniture..etc.

We will only be at grandma's house today and tomorrow. THEN in our new house full time!

You are excited....and I am too. We both love this house. You especially love it and I am thankful. We decided to stay in OHIO after all......and I am actually thankful now about that. I discovered too that your father was thinking if he got me back in Colorado....he and I would get back together.....and he had all these hopes..etc.....of things that will never be!

SO.......this is good for now. We may even eventually BUY this house we like it so much.

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BettsBits said...

Congratulations on the new house, it is very pretty. I know you have stopped putting personal stuff on efx, so I have been trying to come here regularly to see if you would update, here, it is nice to hear you finally have a place.