Friday, May 05, 2006

Dear Noah: have had a lot of fun the last couple of days. The neighbor kids came around last night and you played tag and hide-n-seek with them for about 45 minutes outside after visiting with them inside for awhile too. They are very nice kids....and they seemed to enjoy playing with you as much as you with them! I was thrilled...and it makes me wish we could stay living beside kids and parents like that all the time! THIS is what is nice about small town life.

THEN today my uncle Sonny came by with his grandson Wesley....he is about 6 months younger than you...and you two played together really well too! AGAIN I am thrilled. Sonny said he did not understand why I was hesitant about letting you play with other kids...cause you played really well with Wesley and the neighbor kids. I said cause there are time when you just don't even want another person LOOKING at you let alone being around you. BUT since moving back to Ohio you have become more of a social butterfly...which was my hopes for you! AND YOU ARE THRIVING!!!!!!!

You also have developed an attitude ...and it has been extremely difficult to get you to listen to me. TODAY was another day like that and it can be exhausting!

Your daddy is flying in for a visit with you for about 3 days....he arrives tomorrow night and will be here till early Wed. morning. I HOPE and pray that visit goes well and you stay safe and have a good time. You have already told daddy to NOT cry while you are in the hotel I imagine that is about all he did the last time you were with him. I HOPE and pray he does not do it again this time round.

Today I worked....I painted some windows/cupboards in grandma's basement and put up some curtain rods to hang some curtains she had made. We did all our laundry AND sheets....remade the beds and swept and dusted upstairs. Got me a shower and you a bath! I feel like we accomplished a lot today! are doing great. The county has contacted me back and I think we can get those feet of yours checked and fitted for new orthotics soon and set up respite care as well! WILL be nice to see if and how all that works out.

I need to go. I am getting sleepy....and still more to do before bedtime!

I love you Noah...forever I will.


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