Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dear Noah:

Well we ran errands today after checking out those houses for rent. Why does everything have to be so darn expensive I don't have a clue. HOW does someone make it in the world on min. wage??? I don't have a clue on that one either! I don't make min. wage thank goodness. BUT I also don't make the money I made at the Children's Hospital anymore either. I was spoiled!. NOW working part-time makes it tough to be able to afford anything. I need to work part-time now for you. TO be here for you...to help you qualify for more benefits...etc. I need to homeschool...find a place to move.....and everything else. SO MUCH. BUT today we did some errands. Ended up at Wal*Mart. You were cramping....wanted to use the restroom...but were not thrilled when you saw the AUTOMATIC toilets. You still do not like those that well especially if you need to sit down and use the bathroom! SO...you tried holding it....cramping diarrhea is NOT something anyone can hold in for long. Your face was pinched up.....you were getting pale and clammy....white.....hands down your pants again for the millionth time today. An issue we are working on. BACK to the bathroom....not much came out. You said the "urge" passed many times. BUT you still had to go I could tell. BUT you refused. We left...I KNEW you may not make it to grandma's house. AND almost there you yelled out "stop and pull over now.....I made a mess in my pants!" WHICH of course I could NOT do.....so I told you to sit still....we were almost there. WE pulled in....you showed me your hands. You had stuck them down your pants again...and when you pulled them out...they were full of poop! WHAT a mess.....I cleaned you up a bit outside...told you to get inside and to the bathroom. I went in too......more mess...we ended up stripping you and putting the clothes in the washer. THEN you hopped on the tub and had a HUGE episode of diarrhea. THEN we stuck you in the tub. You got cleaned up and calmed down. Said you felt better after the diarrhea passed. I GUESS SO with the amount you passed. You had Chik-Fil-A for lunch. Something about it gives you diarrhea almost every time you eat their food.

SO.......back home...in the tub you started saying this: "When I grow up I am going to also build apartments. Yes...apartments....townhomes...condos...mobile homes....multI-family homes (with emphasis on the "i")......and then you talked about how you would build AFFORDABLE housing.........and make it easier for people to buy a house. You said you would have a FINANCE center INSIDE your office. SO many things you think of that I doubt many other 7-year-olds think of.

Anyway..my feet hurt. We stopped at a SUPER Wal*Mart which seemed endless. I prefer my SUPER TARGET! I LOVE SUPER TARGET!! Cannot wait to be able to shop there again. We did a lot of walking in Wal*Mart.....to and from the bathroom!

You are now standing here beside me. It is your quiet hour You are laughing and giggling as I type cause you NOW can READ everything I type. It is quite funny. YOU KNOW ALL these words and many more BIG words......such a grown up little man you are when it comes to reading.

BUT your forte is REAL ESTATE. Yep....a 7-year-old real estate whiz!

I love you....forever.......and always.

Mommy :X

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