Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dear Noah: have come up with some writing all your code.....maybe some sort of shorthand....I think it is amazing. I have been trying to encourage you to write more.....and slowly you are. Lately it is all about real estate with you. Well it always has been I guess. You talk real plans...houses for sale....water heaters...furnaces....blueprints...etc.

NOW you are drawing your own designs......already at design houses on a computer very well....down to the details in the rooms. BUT this is freehand stuff you are doing...drawing plans out...rooms out.....and you started using INITIALS ONLY to stand for words like they do in those house plans. Something clicked and you discovered you could do that with about every word you were trying to you did. SO something like this TD I P D could mean "today is pizza day". You do the typical WD to mean "washer/dryer".....BR to mean "bedroom"....all the typical lingo for blueprint stuff. BUT to branch it out like you did is amazing.

NOW more recently you have taken those INITIALS and ADDED tiny words in between some of now it may look like: TD is T for 2 PD at D to mean "today is two for two pizza day at Dominos".

I LOVE all this and highly encourage it....cause you are learning to write....spell...and figure out how to make sentences all at the same time....not that you don't already know how...but to make up YOUR OWN stuff is great! AND to have the ability write them down! I SO WANT you to be able to learn to write things down if you be a writer and express stuff in a vent in your writing...anything. This is a huge thing for you I know too as obviously you are more visual.


I love the MOON and back again..forever I will


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