Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dear Noah: Thoughts on Saturday May 6, 2006

AHHHHHHHHHHHH...cooler temps. Somehow I think I would do very well living in a cooler climated location! hahaah. I am NOT into extreme heat temps or humidity!

Yesterday was quite busy for me. I worked.....homeschooled Noah which was extremely trying because he has not wanted to listen to me very well lately. I did all our laundry AND our sheets...remade the me a shower and gave Noah a bath......swept the entire upstairs AND dusted......cleaned up things around here a bit....also painted some cupboards/windows in grandma's basement and hung some curtain rods over her windows in the basement so we could hang curtains up. My uncle Sonny came over with his grandson Wesley and him and Noah had a ball playing together.

In fact the neighbor girl stopped by on Thursday and she is so good with Noah. Her brother also came by and he is good around Noah too. They all ended up playing outside at grandma's house for a long time playing tag and hide-n-seek! Then another boy came along and also played. I am thrilled Noah has been playing with other kids and enjoying it so much and doing so well with it all! The neighbor kids ar great and so friendly. They invite Noah over all the time...but so far I have not let him go over there cause I would have a hard time keeping an eye on him. The girl was amazed to see how much Noah could read and talk about houses. She left telling him to read up on more and she would be back over to look at more house books with him. He was thrilled to say the least!

Grandma said Noah was "chunky". NOT sure why she said that as he is not even at the 50th percentile for weight for a boy in his age group. He is NO way close to being chunky. Naked he has no fat on his body anywhere....not even any excess belly. I always called him lean to skinny cause he is. I don't get that part....and why society has trained people to think that a normal weight or slightly underweight is somehow still CHUNKY? HOW skinny do people have to be these days? I rememeber when Melissa (audsmom) was talking about how some kids were saying Audrey was chunky or fat. WHAT??????????? she is like Noah...NO FAT on her anywhere!!! I mean she is lean. It is a wonder kids end up with body image issues at such a young age. AND I also heard her say a few times to Noah "ah you don't want that cookie cause it will just make you fat!" HEY now....we all know it is NOT the cookie that will make you fat. EATING 10 cookies might if you do it a lot as anything in excess will. Eating 1-2 cookies for a snack however is NOT going to make you fat! It is how you live as well as HOW MUCH you put into your mouth that decides that. Noah is very active though again some would say he doesn't get out to run and play often. I guess they are not aware I take him to parks when we get out and play areas. Recently I have started to allow him time to play outside at grandma's too ...but I have to be freed up time-wise to be able to be down there while he is. Here is my little LEAN MAN......

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Today is a gorgeous day. MUCH nice. I need to get some work done. Noah's daddy flies in tonight to spend about 3 days to see him. Not sure how that might go..hopefully well. Noah is excited about it. SO we will have to pack up a bag and get him ready to head out of the house for the next 3 days and nights.

I got a lot of the work that needed done around here done yesterday so I could have some free time this weekend and on my days off. I only have some county paperwork to complete along with balancing my checkbook and my paperwork will be complete!

I can then actually do fun things if I want in my time entirely new concept for me!


kyra said...

oh melinda, i came over to say hi after many weeks away from my blogging world, both writing and reading other blogs. i've missed hearing about you and noah and may i be the FIRST to say that all that ridiculous talk about chunkyness is not only absurd but also INFURIATING! everyone has so many body image issues, such illness in that area, and they spill it out all over the place. MY GOD! not only is noah not chunky, so what if he was! is it a CRIME? jeez. so superficial and critical and unhelpful! anyway, i'm glad noah's having fun with the kids. it warms my heart to hear of his playtime and connections. i hope the visit with his dad goes well and that you have some fun and relaxation on your days off. much xxx

Melinda said...

yeah I agree with you 100%