Saturday, May 20, 2006


another HUGE area of interest with are sooo into MAPS......but even more than that. You are into HIGHWAYS.....roads....and one of your favorite pasttimes is READING AND STUDYING your road atlas!!!!!! for hours you can. You even take a highlighter and follow main highways through different states. Here you 7....and can tell me what interstates are in different states and where they go! Even states you have never been to. MOST AMAZING! LOVE the education this I ENCOURAGE it too...I buy you more you go through them pretty quickly...though we just tape up the old ones and NEVER throw them away!

You say you want to build roads and be a Sunday driver when you grow up. Maybe one day you will be able to take care of mommy! haha

Yuo already have a jump start.............cause you area also now designing your own highways. What is more amazing is the fact that you can recreate MAJOR interstate intersections you have traveled over. Since being in Ohio and only going around the new I-70, I-75 have apparently memorized it...both the old and new...and can DRAW it all out on paper. You have been using your DOODLE PADDY (as you call it) to draw all sorts of things like this.....over and over....drawing...erasing......drawing again. I have bought you a couple of spiral-bound art pads.....hoping to get you to also draw some in there to keep PERMANENTLY.......but you rarely seem to want to do that. I will have to try to SCAN something the next time you draw it on your Magna Doodle.......and post it here with some of your other things. I am sure many would be as amazed as I am!

Course you have the lingo down for that too...whether something is truly a highway or just a State Route......all sorts of words. AND you can also name about all the state capitals now. MORE than sometimes I can even recall. ALL at 7. You are simply amazing.

love you tons!


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