Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dear Noah: ended up "changing your mind" about going out to lunch on Friday which is great. We all went there and then stopped at Big Lots afterwards to see if they had anything new.

Back home then. Never did do any school on Friday as you were completely overloaded by the time we got back from lunch. Leighann did stay and visit for a bit which is great! You did not want her to go. I can only imagine what she thought of our messy house with all the boxes sitting around everywhere. Mommy really must get it together and soon! Especially while I am off work!

We went to Grandpa Leonard's house on Saturday to watch old 8 mm movies. You had a blast watching movies and playing with all the toys they have for kids as his wife watches kids during the daytime. You cried when it came time to leave and you did not want to go home. You wanted to "stay a little longer".

We actually made it to church again today. You have been doing great. Sitting very well and quietly during church time. You do well until about the last 5 minutes...then you have a bit of trouble. BUT you make it!

Tonight you have been sneezing and coughing a lot. I just gave you some Benadryl. That should help you sleep some but can make you a little grumpy the day after you don't get it anymore. I think it is allergies or sinus and NOT a cold. My sinuses have been bothering me too since we watched all those old movies at grandpa's house. Maybe too much dust!

YOU wanted to go BACK to grandpa Leonard's house again tonight. I think you would love to go all the time. It is a nice visit when we go. AND he has plenty of toys for you to check out and explore. I wonder when and as you get older if you will still enjoy doing any of these things or if you will be bored? Once your taste for kid toys grows thin I mean. I guess time will tell. I can only pray you will still always enjoy visiting family and friends and doing things and not withdraw.

You are my angel boy
Sent from God above
For Mommy and Daddy to love

I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!


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