Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dear Noah:

You just came running out with a piece of bacon in your hand saying something was in your eye and you could not see. You were crying like crazy....and I tried to look...and it looked at first like many eyelashes were stuck down in your eye....but then you said you had bacon in your eye...and when I looked again it did look like a big chunk of bacon. I could not figure this out as if it were a piece of hard bacon you would think that it would fall off a round eye!

Trying to calm you down enough to even look in your eye was just too much. You weren't going to do it. Finally I told you to open your eye even if it I could see or we could get whatever was in it OUT! You started opening your eye. AND after all this and me thinking "what would we ever do Heaven forbid if he needed emergent medical attention for something" you said you were okay and whatever was wrong was better!

Whew. Brother. I sat you down and looked all around in your eye. Worried now that there may be a piece of bacon that somehow floated around to the back of your eye and would cause problems later after it got infected. But then when I went back into your room and asked you what you had been doing before your eye hurt you said you were rubbing it. NOT eating the bacon yet. should indeed just be an eyelash episode!

Scared me to death.

Love you!


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