Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dear Noah

You have been infatuated with Jesus and His dying on the cross. You even made a roller coaster today. You were SO excited about it. Called us in to "come see, come see" and you said "SURPRISE!!!" all excited.

Here you had made a roller coaster, designed it all...and then named it from a book from your Children's Bible "Jesus Dies On the Cross". I mean you were SUPER EXCITED! It was a pretty amazing coaster too. I had you save it. I am not exactly sure WHY you named it said something about the fact that there were TWO coasters and I guess you relate that to the two boards used on the cross. BUT I think you were also excited that you had TYPED ALL THE WORDS on the name CORRECTALY all by yourself! When talking about what they would do with all the dead people from the hurricane you asked if any would maybe be put in "tombs". You are also infatuated with tombs (because of Jesus' story and Him being in a tomb).

You then proceeded to play roller coaster. By this I mean of course YOU WERE THE roller coaster. Doing all the turns, twists and hills that your body would possibly allow! ALL the while filming it. The videocamera rarely leaves your hands these days. At the end of a day you have probably put in more time than someone producing a film! The videocamera is always warm from your hot little hands being wrapped tightly around it all day long. Of course I have made the bathroom off limits since you were trying to record yourself peeing!

We decided to skip school full time today. We reviewed a few things and then decided to let the rest go. It will be there again tomorrow. It is nice to take breaks.

I also have noticed...whenever we are around "power lines" just seem to INTUITIVELY KNOW where they are in the areas around us. We will be driving somewhere and you will suddenly say "oh there is a big power line coming up with 3 smaller ones" and sure enough, there will be 1 large one and then 3 smaller ones. I asked you if you "felt" differently around power lines. If you could FEEL something when you came close to them. You said yes and grinned and then made a buzzing type sound. SO maybe you can actually HEAR things we can't? I don't know...but it is amazing you just KNOW where these power lines are at!



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