Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well yesterday was a bit hectic and I got mad a few times. You asked WHY I was yelling and getting mad. I said cause no one around here listens to me or what I say. SO....when I was upset the final time you came out in the room and brought me your "CALM DOWN" book and went through the pages and showed me "when I feel MEAN", "I count to 5 slowly" and "take 5 deep breaths" and "then I am ready to ....". SO sweet...haha. You have actually learned the process of what to do to calm down and were willing to SHARE it with mommy to see if it would help her calm down.

I thanked you AFTER going through the book and calming down. You then walked by daddy and said real soft and slowly "daddy, you need to really try to listen to mommy!"

And off you were into your room again.

Out of the mouths of babes!

I love you


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Patty said...

That's cute, he's trying to calm Mommy down. He's learning.

I mailed a card out today for him, I suppose he'll get it around Thursday or Friday.

Nothing new here. Your Dad just went down to the Police Dept. to take a photo of one of the officers to put on their web site.

Did a little laundry, swept the kitchen, family room and utility room. Damp mopped. That's about it. Meat didn't get thawed out in time, so I picked up some Chinese for lunch, here in town. We got a pint of Pork Fried Rice, a pint of Sweet & Sour Chicken that comes with white rice, and two egg rolls, enough for both of us and then some, for $8.95. Not bad for the money. First he told me $6.95 and I said, well I also got two egg rolls, he said oh yes, and when he gave me my change from the ten, he patted the top of my hand and said, thank you. I suppose some wouldn't have told him about the mistake and just took them free of charge.

Well I want to check to see what is on new tonight on TV.

Take care. love you all.