Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dear Noah:

I also forgot. Today in occupational therapy you fell off the one swing. Apparently you hurt your you started to reallycry very very hard. Your therapist grabbed you right away and was trying to hold you and comfort you but you started to yell "Help me!" , "Help Me!" over and over again. (this so reminded me of the BLOOD draw experience in the lab that time). You do not like being held down even to be comforted by someone you don't know well. You apparently were only trying to get over to MOMMY (yes ME) so I could KISS your knee. You finally got away from your therapist and ran to me...hobbling the entire way. You wanted me to kiss your knee.

I held you and kissed it but also told you it was okay for Miss Leah to help comfort you if you hurt yourself and if you did not have anyone around one day when you hurt yourself to KISS YOURSELF and make yourself feel better. I have seen you do that a few times since I have told you to try it. SO I kissed your knee and Miss Leah kissed it though you acted like you did not want her to and then you seemed to calm down and were fine again. Back on the swing you went.

And round and round and round you went.

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