Sunday, August 14, 2005

So. You went to the Loveland sculpture show yesterday and walked around all morning in your new orthotics. THEN we left there and went to a park and you played. First time you have even wanted to go to a park. Then we left and went to Fazolis for lunch. Left there and drove the rest of the way back home and to another park for you to play. STILL with orthotics on! Then to Target. BACK HOME. Got the breakdown of the billing charges for the orthotics today. WOW. I figured altogether they would cost maybe a couple of hundred dollars. TRY all together including the fitting, almost $2000.00!!!!!! We were told our insurance covered them. They do. To a point. I think we will have to pay a couple of hundred dollars. WHICH IS better than the $2000.00 I guess. Just amazing how expensive things can be I guess. Alarm battery replaced. All is well. ALL working well. No fire thank the Lord!

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