Sunday, August 21, 2005

How Sunday went

(Rather than retype all this I just copied and pasted this from my other blog....but this is how your Sunday went today Noah-YOU DID GREAT!!)

Sunday afternoon/early evening. We DID make it to church today with NOAH!!! It was an odd morning. I managed to get him to go without too much of an episode. We left for church. Once there Noah sat down IN HIS seat and had his hands IN HIS LAP and he sat like he was drugged. He did not move, he did not jump up and twirl around like he will sometimes. He did not complain that we had to move up one row from our usual spot as someone else was sitting in our usual seats today. He did NOT say ONE word while in church. It looked like we had drugged him (WHICH WE DID NOT). SO odd.....I kept looking over to see if he was okay. I kept feeling his head to make sure he had no fever! He just acted totally different from his usual self.

SO he sat well for church...came time to leave...he got up and QUIETLY left the sanctuary. Made a pit stop to the restroom with daddy and then back out to the lobby to me and out to the car. Then he wanted to see some new homes today so we drove out and checked out 6 new model homes. Again he was extremely well behaved and quiet. Talked only when spoken to or asked a question and when he did talk he really impressed people. The woman at the model home could not believe how much REALTOR lingo Noah knew and said he seemed so mature and knowledgeable for his age about houses and lots and what was sold and what was available and the type of homes, etc. We tried to tell her this was one of his favorite past-times, looking at model homes and designing homes, etc. We ALL enjoy it.

Then he got hungry. He wanted Wendys. So we stopped. He was quiet again. Ate some. Another little boy came in and started gathering up all the salt and pepper shakers down an entire row of tables. We are talking a grand total of 14! His mom just sat there with her head in her hands like she had a migraine. She was waiting on her mom and dad I think to come over with Frostys.Anyway...Noah just sat there watching this kid move over from table to table (getting closer to our table) and taking away all of the salt and pepper shakers. I KNEW this was really upsetting Noah. Noah had already gathered the 6 shakers from our 3 tables and had them in front of HIM. Something about stacking these shakers that kids seem to like. We don't let Noah normally PLAY with the shakers and would never let him take 14 like this other kid did. SO NOah knows this is wrong. But he sat there...and you could tell it bothered him more and more and more. He looked at me and I explained to him that sometimes little kids don't always do what is right and how he knew that stacking 14 shakers was wrong and that he should set a good example and show the little kid what was the RIGHT thing to do and how to behave.

I was amazed Noah sat there. Silently watching....but you could tell it really bothered him. I was afraid he would lose it over this. BUT he seemed to be pretty calm and collected and my FEW words I said seemed to help somewhat. BUT he would not take his eyes off this kid. Keith said he acted like he was in a trance all day and he has. In the past when an issue like this would come up Noah WOULD LOSE IT. He would probably have pointed to the kid and screamed "STOP IT" and start crying...etc. OR go and grab the shakers back and put the correct 2 shakers per table. See Noah will even go around to tables in Wendys or Burger King and clean them up if they need it. He will straighten the shakers and put the chairs under the tables correctly and throw trash away..etc. He went through a spell where he was almost obsessed about this. FINALLY we told him he could only do a few tables right beside us and now most of the time he can get by without doing too many if any at all. Once in Arbys he went around and made sure all their napkin dispensers were set right in the middle of each table. Not too far left or too far right. JUST CENTERED. He was very particular!

SO today...he is watching this little boy. AND it finally happened. The boy had stacked 7 salt shakers high and 7 pepper shakers high and his mom was still sitting there with her head in her hands not really watching him. Noah just turned and looked at me and he then scrunched down in his seat and started crying...VERY VERY LOUD!!!!!!! No screaming and no pointing or yelling at the other kid or grabbing any shakers back..etc. I just held his head and quietly said to him " shhhh...quiet...listen to me." "You still have all 6 shakers here in front of you." "He did not come and get YOUR shakers." "You are fine....he should not be doing that with the shakers anyway and you know that." "It is still have 6 here in front of you."What would in the past have been a long-lived episode was thankfully pretty short lived. He cried oh maybe 3 minutes if that. About 3-5 loud loud cries and sobbing and he was done. He sat up and wiped his eyes. He kept watching this boy. Finally Noah then stacked his 3 salt shakers and his 3 pepper shakers and laughed. He would look at the other little boy and then laugh while they took turns at their own tables stacking the shakers.

BUT this is a good example of what I mean when I say you never quite know what to expect when around Noah or what MIGHT set him off. There is never any rhyme or reason though we can usually see them coming and can sometimes stop them before he explodes or totally loses it. Many times he will just start crying out loud like today and you have NO idea what happened to set him off and you think he has hurt himself by the way he sounds. I am really trying hard to teach him to stop himself before allowing himself to get too carried away like he would have done in the past.

SO we leave Wendys after we eat. Stop at Super Target. He again acted like he was drugged. VERY well behaved but like a zombie. Finally he had no more energy to even walk. Wanted Daddy to carry him. We got a second cart and Daddy let him ride inside the cart. It still worries me that he becomes so fatigued like that over nothing! Unless he got overwhelmed because of church this morning but he was alway drugged-like before church even started.

We are back home now. As soon as Noah got his shoes and orthotics off...he ran down the hall and acted like his usual self again. I keep asking if he feels okay. He does not look like he does but he says he is fine. Anyway....that was how our morning and afternoon went. I am now baking him a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Tonight the last episode of The 4400 is on. Something about that show is interesting to me so I will watch it. THEN it won't be on again till next summer. I spent over 100.00 on groceries from Super Target. Oh well. It was my turn to buy so we stocked up. AND I am even going to make some Party Mix tonight since my sister was talking about making some it made me and Noah hungry for a batch. I am only going to put whole cashews in mine! YUMMMY!SIGHING.....Noah is waiting on cookies.

Keith left to meet his son for "a yet changed again" dinner date. Yes his son called again to change plans AGAIN! I guess he figured he wanted dinner after his roller blade hockey game and not just coffee and pie or cake. Noah and I are staying home. He has apparently had too much for him today and needs to take a break. If I were Keith.......but I am not. I am home however which is best for me if I think I may say something I shouldn't.

Well...cookies are ready to come out. AND I need to get the party mix in the cooled down oven!


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