Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dear Noah:

Our bedroom smoke alarm just went off for some reason. I don't think it went off in the normal way...but also not like it would if the batteries were not sure what is happening. I said there could be something going on in our attic and we would have to watch this and pay attention. You said: "Well we have not had time to pack up our stuff yet". I told you that in a real emergency you do not always have time to pack up your stuff. MANY times you just have to grab what you can IF you can and GO! I told you we needed to get dressed as we are still lounging around in our pjs. Which makes you think of all sorts of scenarios then huh? About "WHAT" would you grab if you had to? OR COULD? I have one bag packed up with some basic stuff but nothing personal. Just mostly paperwork to help us in case of an emergency. No photos or negatives or things like that. No collectibles..etc. I mean you can't pack up your entire house! So....I did not have the ladder handy but took my broom handle and hit the smoke alarm. I know I know...BAD IDEA...but I had to get the alarm to go off. No smoke. Nothing I could see in the attic. Maybe it is just the battery. I will have Keith check it in a bit. More later..

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