Monday, August 15, 2005

Dear Noah: it bothers you when we give you kisses. will give them and let us give them back to you..but you immediately proceed to WIPE THEM OFF! ONLY DRY kisses will do now..and even then you still wipe them off. Same with hugs. You will let us give them to you but are always kind of trying to pull away at the same time. You will let me hold you still but not for very long. You do still like to snuggle together in bed at night and cannot sleep alone. I cannot make new paragraphs in my posts for some reason so they will end up being very very long!

Now I can. Funny...I had to change to HTML mode. Probably will mess something up for good now.

Otherwise...things are going okay. You went with us to the sculpture show Saturday. You wore your orthotics all day long (at least 8 hours). We did a lot Saturday. BUT the day was a bit overwhelming to your senses so you basically have been recuperating for 2 days now.

You have been making up songs on your piano keyboard. SO amazing.

I will post more later. Much to write about, do and think about.



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