Friday, August 05, 2005

Dear Noah:

Okay...seems to be working on Netscape. Not sure what is happening with AOL!

Anyway...I had written about how when we were reading your Bible the other night you said you needed a new one...a blank where you could write things in it. I asked what you would write about. You said "going to Heaven". I asked what you would say and you said "don't be afraid". I asked if you would say anything else and you said "no, that's all".

I then asked you if you wanted to write about anything else. You said "me dying on the cross". You are infatuated with Jesus and His dying on the cross so I think that is what you mean..but you may understand the concept of dying to self as well as you seem to just have an amazing knowledge of these things for someone so young!

Anyway...cooler here the past few days. Yesterday it remained inthe 50s all day long AND it rained! Today it is starting out cloudy and still a bit rainy. LOVE it. Reminds me of fall!

I LOVE YOU SWEETIE PIE! We sure had fun playing Candyland!


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