Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dear Noah:

Trying to find things you can eat from home has been tough. You always want something out from a restaurant. Last night at supper was a typical example. You wanted pizza.....but I said we were not ordering pizza...not from Dominos at least since we had a falling out the last time we tried placing an order! SO you bawled about that. Then you switched gears and started asking what things I could fix at home. I named off some. You said for me to fix MY CHICKEN and some crinkly french fries! WOW....this may be progress!

SO I made MY chicken and crinkly fries and you actually ate it! I think as you are getting older you are finding out you cannot be quite as picky and you are more willing now to branch out and try new things we already have here at home in the freezer, fridge or cupboards. WHICH IS cannot eat every meal out! Especially fast food! YUCK! also went to the restroom last night. You HAVE BEEN MAKING IT THERE IN PLENTY OF TIME which is GREAT! I come in to help you wipe however and there you are...perched on the seat like a little bird! FEET UP ON THE SEAT all hunched over! Like a bird on a perch! SO....I reminded you about sitting down on the seat. You tried it and said "I am trying to sit on the seat properly!" WOW..such big words you are using these days and your pronounciation is getting so much better!

SCHOOL officially starts for us again on Monday! I think you are excited. I know even Daddy is excited. Should be lots of fun. I DO need to hook up our new printer!



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