Monday, August 08, 2005

Dear Noah:

We made it to church yesterday! BUT you had a very difficult time....could not handle the sounds and kept saying it was too loud. It was a bit loud...but seems like the more often we go the more used to the sounds you become!

BUT you had a difficult time sitting still and handling the sounds. Otherwise you did pretty well all in all.

Came back home...and I made homemade ice cream which fascinated you as you watched the can spin around and around.

You are really into your Bible and Bible stories right now which I think is fabulous. I hung the Months of August and September words on your door today and now you are thinking you "changed your mind and want to start school TODAY!"

SO...we will see. I guess we could start it today if you like. Which reminds me I need to fill out that paperwork to home school you and SEND IT IN! YIKES!



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Anonymous said...

Hi Melinda~
I tried commenting to modblog but it wouldn't let me so I came here to comment. I still have to get my blog up and running...I am so lazy!! I will get to it tonight I guess when we get home from dinner. Ken is bringing me out for dinner for my b~day today. Anyway, I am referring to the picture of the basketball player below.....

For some reason I can't view this picture and would love to see it. Remember I am originally from CT and last year when we were visiting I went to a few of the CT Sun games while I was up there and if I am not mistaking this girl is from Poland and she played for San Antonio before coming to CT. I am pretty sure that is who it is and if it is she is an amazing player. But awkward seeing a girl that tall!! ; ) Love WNBA games!!! Some great players there!!