Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dear Noah:

Tough few days. I think I have been saying that. BUT you have had them. I don't think anyone has any idea about how picky you are about your food. AND then how you can get stuck in a craze about something for a long period of time. For example, you went through a period where you would only eat the frozen chicken nuggets from the store. HAD to be Banquet and NO OTHER kind! YOU would eat any chicken nugget from any restaurant. NOW you ONLY want Burger King nuggets though you will eat them from KFC, Wendy's or Chick-Fil-A. Sometimes from a restaurant and sometimes not. You used to eat them from Applebees and now NOT. SO odd. BUT I try to get you to eat MY chicken nuggets/strips and you used to but now you won't. Yesterday I made chicken and you tried it. Said "mmmmmmmmm" , "this is good" and then brought your plate out a few minutes later saying you were done. You had only eaten a small portion of chicken...MAYBE 3 bites? AND only a couple of your French fries. I asked why you did not eat any more and you said "cause the chicken smells bad and the French fries are cold and need warmed up." I guess you let them sit so long they got cold.

You are so funny about the smells and textures of foods. AND it is not like we can just make you eat something. SO it sometimes is very difficult to find you things to eat! You do like pork chops so I will have to buy some more. BUT they have to be cooked in butter and not browned in any way. Little salt and little pepper. AND all fat cut off and removed. You will not eat it any other way or if it is too brown.

You used to eat toast with butter sometimes for breakfast. Now not. Same with usually won't now. Same with pancakes unless they come from a restaurant. You will eat bacon only occasionally here at home though you will eat it in a restaurant. AND even Dominos Pizza, your favorite, you won't always eat now. VERY VERY trying times. Today you had leftover Chinese fried rice warmed up for breakfast. You really like that a lot.

AND as far as getting stuck on something. Most recently it has been using my digital camera/recorder and you have to have it with you all the time. You are constantly recording things. Constantly. You never tire of it. You want to take the camera everywhere. You can sit in your room all day and record yourself playing at the PC or doing things. Then you watch the clips over and over and over. It is unreal.

AND the sounds lately!! You have an infatigeable amount of sounds and sounds supply! It is constant. And while you do anything you have to make sounds! I try to limit you to only making the sounds in your room, and you do pretty well. Last night at 10:00 p.m. however you were still going strong. After I had been telling you for 2 hours it was "quiet time". Just exhausting. I am amazed you have any voice at all.

Home schooling will be starting soon and I think it will be good. You can get back into more of a routine again where you GET DRESSED every day and do things on a regular basis. Right now it is near impossible to even get you out of your pajamas every day (course I tend to want to do the same thing so I can't say too much). haha.

I love you my little man anyway! JUST AS YOU ARE!


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