Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dear Noah.....things in your world are changing....


(Here you are at Fazoli's....another of your favorite places to eat......this was taken by your dad)

You had not eaten out for a long time so Sunday you decided you would like to so I took you to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  You like their CRISPY strips.   Well.....we got there and I had noticed the last time you got them they were actually ORIGINAL recipe strips so I figured they were making BOTH now and someone gave you the wrong ones by mistake.....and you ate them though I could tell you did not like them as well.

SO Sunday I ordered...I specifically asked for CRISPY strips.....and then informed me they no longer made the crispy strips...only the ORIGINAL and added "they are more flavor and taste!"  I thought to myself "who says?" but kept my mouth shut.

When you heard what the man said you started to cry....and I mean really cry hard.  I felt so bad for you.  You are limited in what you can eat anyway...and now we no longer have a Dominos Pizza.....and now your favorite KFC crispy chicken strips are no more.  I tried to calm you down.....told the man we did not want anything then.....and you decided to go for Wendy's.

I have since seen commercials where they indeed are no longer making the chicken strips CRISPY.....only original.  I wonder if they asked their customers if they preferred them original or crispy?  I doubt it.  I somehow think it is a money issue.....and something about the extra breading required for the crispy strips maybe.  WHO knows......but your world was once again shook up with a big hiccup in your food chain. 

In a way one might say this is good....as it forces you to eat other things......and not out at a restaurant.  You have been eating more at home.....but I know the same old things are not all that great to you sometimes.  KFC was a nice treat for you.  I have told you if they still make the crispy snackers I could order that and without anything as they use large chicken strips that are crispy for that and you would like them.  OR that you would probably like a chicken breast torn into pieces like the strips would be torn for you to eat.  You are thinking about it.

Right now you also have sores in your mouth.  After a lot of stress and not enough sleep I have noticed you will get those sometimes.  You have a huge one on the inside of the upper lip by your front teeth.  Needless to say it makes eating anything very difficult for you and even painful.

SO.....you have had some drama....and when we got home you said this...."I got so carried away crying that my ear is now all plugged up again!" and you started crying all over again.   You calmed down pretty quickly.....your ear has been plugging up off and on.....so I am trying to keep you with decongestant and stuff in your ears.  If this continues however you will have to see the doctor.  Again.

Meanwhile you had 2 sleepovers over the weekend.....in my room..........

We stayed home and did very little this weekend.....we did make 2 batches of gingerbread cookies.

and I love you  very much.





Anonymous said...

Boy, Noah, you have had your share of problems with the food you eat. Maybe you can just take a sample of new foods to see if you like the taste. It must be hard because most of us will try anything and swallow it. I used to not like green peas but I really like them now. Do you like green peas?

Grandpa L.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good morning, jsut got back from getting my hair cut, was told the price is going up by $2.00 more when I get my next cut.

I'm sorry KFC isn't making the crispy strips. What about Famous Recipe? Do they have anything like that?

Seems like that always happens, find something you really like and then the next time you go there they don't have it.

Well it's time to start some lunch. Today fresh sausage from Landes', fried potatoes and a small salad, plus sliced tomatoes.

We didn't do anything over the week-end either, except we ran to Lowes' to pick up a cheap blind for the office door.

My one ear has been plugging up a lot, my doctor told me to hold my nose and blow real hard, do that every so often until it will finally pop and stay open.

Love you to the moon and back. Grandma

Melissa said...

That's too bad they aren't making the strips anymore Noah. I know you liked these a lot. Hopefully there will be something else you can eat.

We'll see you this Sunday at Alex's birthday party! Love you!

Osh said...

Oh bummer about the crispy strips!

Evan still has sleep-overs. (don't tell him I told you though)

Wanda said...

I agree....Big Time Bummer no Chicken strips...

Nugets just aren't the same are they??