Saturday, September 20, 2008

DEAR have had a couple of trying days.....


First of all you missed 3 days this week...MONDAY because of the Hurricane and loss of power at the school......TUES AND WED because you did not feel well.....seemed to have ZERO energy......and could not get up for school.  I will have to watch this closely because the cardiologist did say if you had problems with that valve extreme fatigue would be a symptom.  BUT you also get like this from time to time.....and maybe all along that is the reason why....or it is just you....or a combination of things....including low muscle tone still in some areas.

ANYWAY Thursday there was a misunderstanding in MUSIC class between yourself and another little thought YOU were to pass music books out...he thought he got mad and very upset as you did not understand this and took a book and slammed it into his shoulder and were saying things to him that were not very nice.  NO cussing....just not nice.  He was taken to the school nurse for ice on the shoulder and you were sent to the principal's office where they went over all the social reasons why this was INappropriate.   You also got a detention and lost a recess.  You came up missing a few times as you left places you were not to leave in order to go flush toilets in a bathroom in the school.  You also had a hard time staying focused or sitting contained in the classroom.  You wandered off more than once.....they found you one time IN the nurse's office checking out HER toilet and flushing it.  She was NOT there and that is a no no. 

FRIDAY before I dropped you off we again reviewed all the rules.....and how important it was for you to be near the teachers and other students when outside on the you could not spend a lot of time in the bathrooms flushing toilets.......or wandering off to go find a new bathroom to  flush toilets.  You repeated it all and seemed to GET IT.  However, when I picked you up they told me after recess when all the students came came inside....but then did NOT return to your classroom.  Instead you AGAIN wandered off......exploring more bathrooms.  FINALLY the aide found you in the JANITOR's room/ there flushing toilets.  You got your green tag moved to yellow for that.  BECAUSE they were worried...and did not know where you were.....etc.  You did not follow directions......etc.

THIS has been a reason I have requested an aide to be with  you pretty much all the time....just to make sure you DO go where you are supposed to go and do not wander off.  This has been an ongoing intermittent problem for you and I certainly wish to avoid a phone call one day saying you are missing and cannot be found anywhere....and you walk downtown to check out bathrooms at the courthouse. 

You also were wanting to CALL ME all day.....saying we were MOVING back to the town where grandma and grandpa L the schools there were BETTER and you would be going to THOSE SCHOOLS instead of Greenville and to call MOM as we were moving and you had to get out of there as you were NOT going to school there anymore and ON AND ON AND ON!!!!  THIS went on throughout the day.   I know where you got that I explained it all to you when I picked you up.   I can only imagine how exhausting that was for the aide or teachers.  I know you can be relentless with continual talking about a subject that concerns you.

SO.......the aide said she will start  making sure you come in after recess like you should.   Hopefully someone will keep a better eye on you even IN the school during class times so you will not wander off again.  I think you wandered off like 5-6 times this week at least.  I do not like that.

I love you......but you have really got to understand how wandering off can be dangerous.  We have our work cut out for us!




Old Lady Lincoln said...

So sorry he's been having a trying time. Hope it all gets worked out okay for his sake.

Yes it probably is not only frustrating for him, but the teachers and aides as well. Don't you think sometimes when he has to miss, it's almost like starting over again?

Hang in there little fella, it will get better. Love you and Mommy.

Osh said...

Noah, I am sorry it has been a rough couple of days. Evan has these as well. He missed school on Thursday and Friday because he was so excited to go to a political rally he couldn't sleep and he made himself sick.

Sometimes I feel so torn, I want Evan to be able to experience things that everybody else can, and he wants to as well, but I know just how much of a toll it takes on him. Just like you have the need to flush the toilets he has to go through a routine too to get his brain and body back to sorts.


kristi said...

I hope now that they realize how serious this is. I am glad Noah feels better.