Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear was the first IEP meeting we had I did not feel sick to my stomach beforehand....


(Noah much younger in Colorado)

I met with your teachers and principal this morning before school started.  Our meeting was at 8:20 a.m. and you woke up complaining of a sore throat.   We already had to reschedule the meeting once...and I was not wanting to miss it if possible.  Once you got back up the second time you felt a little better...and I told you to go to school but if it started to feel really bad to let a teacher know.  I also told your teachers at the meeting so they could pay attention to how you were feeling.

The meeting went very well.  I was not  nervous about this one at all or apprehensive or nervous....did I say nervous?....all such new ways to feel before going into one of these IEP meetings.  I am thankful.  I thank God for this.  I truly am thankful each and every day with all the progress you continue to make, even with the setbacks.  You learn from the setbacks. 

None of the teachers or staff have any academic concerns about you whatsoever.   You do still have a few social things to grasp which will probably be ongoing throughout your lifetime.  BUT  you are doing well most of the time now even then.

Our biggest concern right now and finally with the staff is your wandering off.  I expressed my concern about you perhaps wanting one day to leave the school building entirely to wander off downtown to check out bathrooms in the courthouse and other places.  FINALLY they took it a lot more seriously since your teacher also said you did enter the building a few times from the playground WITHOUT permission and then came up missing.  All to of course.....flush toilets in some bathroom somewhere in the building. 

The problem is they did not know where you were......and that is dangerous and bothers me.  I have finally gotten across to them how serious this is and my concerns and they are now going to really watch you better and inform the other staff outside at the second recess who you are and that you tend to wander off.

BEING first is also an issue for you.  You still have problems with being second or heaven forbid anything.  Many times instead of playing on the playground at recess you will already be standing in line up waiting to go in.  Now  you all have assigned spots in line you are not first in line....but you apparently want to be first in the line up. 

All in all you are making huge progress.....and I would say some of the social stuff is to be expected......and I know they will improve.


I love you Noah and am very proud of you. 

I give all the praise to God for all your progress.  You are a blessing.





Osh said...

Melinda, I am so happy you had a good IEP meeting! I can understand your worries about Noah wandering off and I really hope now his teachers understand judst how serious it is.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Noah, sounds like a good report. Congratulations. And remember being in line last, or being last for anything sometimes has it's advantages. Love you to the moon and back. Love, Grandma

Betsy said...

I can completely relate to those horrible feelings before an IEP meeting! So glad you didn't have those this time! Yay!