Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Noah......."passed" minus the "p" spells............


yeah.  I guess in school yesterday you had some paper or something with the word PASSED on it.....and I guess you placed a hand over the P and said something to another student about looking to see what it spelled and the aide saw/heard this and made you move your tag from the green zone to the yellow zone.

Now I guess I understand "why" but at the same time "assed" is not really a word...though I am sure you were wanting attention drawn to the ASS part of the word.....and then I did explain to you that while ASS is not a best choice term to ever use in the classroom setting or in most situations probably in the public in your lifetime......ASS also in the dictionary is a very real NON-cuss word meaning MULE/donkey....etc.  

I always felt moving your tag in the classroom from a green zone to yellow, red or black should be based solely on behavioral issues and/or not listening...etc.  Apparently no other student even saw what you did let alone heard you or understood what  you were implying.  SO I don't know that I would have done anything in the classroom other than warn you so you could avoid ever doing that again and not making such a big deal out of it.  BUT they have their rules and rules are rules and you do have to learn to follow them.

So you had your FIRST YELLOW day for the school year yesterday.   I honestly thought kicking the kid in the shins would have deserved a YELLOW day at the very least but you did not which did surprise me .....a lot.

Anyway....we went to the library after school and got you your library card.  You are very excited about that and happy and now on the field trip Monday to the library you will be able to check out a book while there. 

I love you Noah.........very much!




Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulations for getting your first library card Noah.

Mommy,Yes I would think the kick would have gotten him moved from red to yellow, but who knows how they decide. Perhaps because he had to stay in doors one recess was enough for the kick.

Love you both.

Osh said...

Rules can be so hard to figure out!