Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Noah........we are okay after Hurricane Ike came through this area....

it still had a level 1 hurricane winds........and we lost power for over 6 hours......but I am so thankful our power is back on. MANY....hundreds of thousands are still without power and it could be days or a month our local electric company said before they will be able to restore all the lost power. The clean up has said it will take approximately TWO MONTHS to clean up all the downed trees is a mess everywhere and some local cities are even declaring a state of emergency....and not allowing driving anywhere. We had a lot of power.......we played Monopoly and Bee Bee Bumblebee and Don't Break The Ice......and sat around and talked. You slept in my bed last night....and your school is closed today because it has no power yet.

Here is a snippet from the start of the storm as it came through our area yesterday..... video

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Osh said...

glad you are safe!