Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear had a couple of incidents at school today....

You did well in school but they realized you were in the bathroom too sent an aide to get you. You were in the stall with the door shut and locked....yelling that you were NOT going to come out until LANCE left the bathroom (some other little boy in the room) because you HATED him. This was all worked out and you apologized to him after the aide explained how it would make one feel if someone said something like that about them to another...etc.

THEN the teacher decided to start making you all LINE UP BY ALPHABETICAL order after lunch to go out for recess.....since you are always like first in line this did not go over well with you. You got in line in the front as always and when another boy told you that you were all not lining up that way got upset and kicked him in the shin.

This got you sent to the principal's office....where they explained the rights and wrongs of the entire incident to apologized to the boy and you were told you would serve a detention in the lunchroom and lose a recess if that happened again.

Academically you had another great day.....doing very well on your Social Studies got an A+ all correct. In fact you were very proud of the fact that YOU got your test completed before anyone else in the room did. I am amazed too.....but knew you would because what they are teaching you ....I already taught you about 3-4 years ago.....(the oceans....continents......etc). BUT review is good...and they added a few other things onto the list of things to review on your it is all good.

BUT there are times I wonder if I continued to home school you....even part-time which I think I will do much MORE you might actually be learning because they just don't seem to always cover as much in school. I will have to think about that. I want you to keep moving forward and not just tread water.

I love you.......your after school social skills classes and a mentoring program will be starting soon. I think those will be good for you for building better social skills. We spent the afternoon after school yesterday at the park. We even took Opie along. The weather has been beautiful! We then played at home. Tonight we played Don't Break The Ice. I am so thankful to get my work done here at home early so I can spend time with you after school now....I love that ...and having free time to go places or hang out or be creative!

You are having a WALKING field trip on Monday to the library. I need to get you a library card before then. I am hopeful all will go really well for that. I think you will do well. So tomorrow after school we will go to the library to get you a card.

I love you Noah!


Melissa said...

Well, it sounds like Lance might be a trouble maker. Was this the same boy that Noah talked about when Audrey and I were there about him being in the bathroom?

Good job on the A+ on social studies. Audrey just got an A+ on her science test.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Wow Noah, sounds like you're doing a good job with your studies. And what fun to have your own library card. Hope it's a good field trip day. Love you