Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Noah.....you had a walking field trip today.....

to the library. Since the school was closed the last time you were to have the field trip due to Hurricane Ike, they did it instead today. Tomorrow you are walking to The Farmer's Market though I did not get an official paper stating so. You only wrote it down in your agenda. This makes me wonder.

You did pretty well today but apparently had a couple of small incidences.....so you had to move your tag to the yellow zone.

You woke up this morning feeling better....no more sore throat......but by the time I picked you up you were sneezing and having a runny nose and cough. So it is probably allergy symptoms or you are fighting off something. At this rate you won't be going to school tomorrow.

You have had a very difficult time this year staying healthy. We have spent little time actually outside as anytime we do go out you or I or both of us get something......cold-like....sinus infections......upper respiratory issues...something. I figure something is in the air.

You can tell you feel bad tonight....so you are going to bed early.

I love you....I hope and pray you feel better in the morning!



Melissa said...

I hope he's feeling better this morning. I've been sneezing like crazy lately!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

It's that old ragweed, until we have a good frost to kill it off, it will be there. Also like old Doc Thomas would tell me in the Fall, it's the cornfields and other things dying off and all the mold and dust causing problems. I guess that's way I stay indoors a lot. LOL Love you

Betsy said...

Feel better, soon! I agree about the ragweed...it makes me miserable every fall! I can see it in my boys, too.

Betsy said...

Thanks for your very nice comments on my blog today! I always enjoy yours, too, and your life journey with Noah. I'm always a little envious that your cute little guy can talk....I'd give anything for my boys to be able to! But reading about other verbal kids gives me an idea of what is going on in my boys' heads...what they can't communicate to me. You are a great mom...full of love and determination to give Noah a good life. :)