Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dear Noah.......a walking field trip tomorrow....


First off.....yesterday you had a substitute for your parapro.   When I came to pick you up from school here you came down the sidewalk all by aide with you making sure you ended up with ME or in the car with me....etc. 

I asked you who you were with and you said a substitute and I asked you if she knew you were already outside the building and with me and you said you did not thought so.  I told you to march your little butt back up there with me and make sure the staff knew where you were and went so they would not worry (meanwhile me becoming increasingly anxious yet again over the same crap I have been telling them about forever.....HELLO.......he needs an AIDE to make sure he does what he is supposed to do and not wander off...etc.).

Right about the time we got back up to the doors two teachers came running out looking frantic!  Here came the it lady.  I have heard it before....this is exactly how bad things happen to sweet little innocent kids.  She said she got called into a classroom at the last second to help with a student who was causing a problem and Noah saw me pull up and he left without telling her or letting her walk him she said she had no idea he had left because ......yes......she was NOT with him or making sure he did what he was supposed to do. 


And now tomorrow is a walking field trip.  The class is going downtown to the city buildings to meet the mayor and see the Fire Department...basically spend like 2 hours doing city things.  Noah you want to go so badly....but part of me is super anxious about this.  I want to let you go because you are wanting to do so many social things now.....and I don't want to hold you back.  On the other hand I understand the importance still of you having someone being there to MONITOR the situation and making sure what is supposed to happen actually happens.   Your social studies teacher came out today and talked about the field trip.  He said they really wanted you to go along too.....and that he promised they would watch you very well and that your usual parapro was also going to monitor you.  You keep telling me you will be good....but it is not just you I worry about. 

I had decided before to not allow you to go on walking field trips after I heard where a little boy was pulled by the arm by some unknown man at another school event that was also to be heavily monitored.  My faith in the system is nonexistent.  BUT I have decided to allow you to go.....hoping and praying all goes well and I don't receive any phone calls you are missing in action or worse, hurt.  I also hope and pray the weather holds out as of all days....tomorrow I think it is supposed to rain.

You wanted to go so badly you even passed up the chance to go to the Drive-In tonight to see Iron Man where you could  have then stayed home from school tomorrow.  You said you wanted to stay home to go to bed and get up on time to go to school to do the field trip.  SO I KNOW you want to go.  My stomach however would have preferred the Drive In and knowing tomorrow you are safe and sound.  BUT....I also totally understand I have to start allowing you to do more and more on your own and with I will pray for the very best and your protection and safety as well as the protection and safety for all the other kids and teachers. 

We had a busy day after school yesterday.  We ran out to Bushel and  a Peck....and got some bulk items...then to the butcher shop across the street from that store....and then to the pet store......and then to Burger King for your supper and then to the new Kroger's store near grandma and grandpa Lincoln.  We had a good time...lots of running around though!

I have been busy mowing and we both have sinus issues from all the stuff in the air from the pollen and things blooming I guess.


I love you Noah.  So very much.




Melissa said...

I hope it goes well, I bet he is really excited about it, at least he sounds like it!

Audrey is also going on a walking trip to Dairy Queen! They had testing all week, and her teacher is treating them to some ice cream today.

They have a couple of field trips later this month, going to the University of Dayton to see The Three Little Pigs play and then eating lunch in Dayton at The Spaghetti Warehouse. They are also going on a different trip to Stillwater Prairie Reserve towards the end of the month.

You could always have an "errand" to run up town around the same time to just make sure everything is going okay. :) Love you guys.

kristi said...

I hope the field trip goes well!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I have a feeling it went well. Hope you will post and let us know.

Yesterday Mom was here until around 4 or 4:30, can't remember now.

I mowed today, that way don't have to worry about it over the week-end. We also picked up a few items from WalMart on the way back from the skin doctor. Didn't go to Krogers this week. Will do some more tomorrow right here in town at our IGA store.

You two have a great evening. Love you both.