Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dear Noah.......a wild, hyper past couple of days!

(a peacock we saw at the park)

Today I have ANOTHER IEP meeting to plan for next year for you in school. Not sure exactly how we can do that right now....but that is how they do things. It is always in May...for the next year.

SINCE the field trip day......you have been VERY HYPER and wound up....not really listening too well at all! I think today..........3 days later you seem like hopefully you will finally be more calm. You stayed home yesterday because you were having such a hard time and a few allergy-type symptoms.

Have to keep this entry short......I have a lot of work to do! Friday is the Special Olympics so I will have to try to make up some time for work because you are being given adminstrative absence from school to attend a couple of hours to watch the olympics...since you wanted to be a part of it......but only by watching. You said maybe next year you would participate. You apparently qualified to participate because you have an IEP in the school. ANYONE who has an IEP apparently is qualified for the Special Olympics.

Anyway.....I LOVE YOU!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope the day turns out great for him and he enjoys it.

kristi said...

Mine is tomorrow. Putting on my armour now!