Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dear made a new friend at school Friday...

You saw another little boy at school who had a Sonic the Hedgehog mini seem to be drawing those children to you lately. So you naturally went up to him to strike up a conversation. According to your parapro you two became the best of friends, really enjoying playing together and having so much fun together. I am so happy you have made another friend at school!

Yesterday you were making movies on your computer. I was very impressed. You walked yourself through a tutorial on Windows and learned how to make "sprites" which you immediately then made some with SONIC the Hedgehog of course. You found some backgrounds and some Sonic images and combined them together and then made a sprite to make it all animated.

Do I have a future filmmaker on my hands? I think that is pretty impressive considering you did it all on your own and most adults would probably not even know what a sprite is (other than a soft drink)...let alone how to make one yourself!

We have not done a lot this weekend. You have wanted to do something but not really wanted to leave the house. I can't complain....I am sort of in the same mood.

I love you Noah!



Noah made this snippet and also did his own credits and messages at the end of the clip. The last sentence I am not sure he really understood what he said. He tends to get things backwards sometimes. When he said he was sorry for the people who DON'T use guns when I asked him what he meant (since I apparently took this the wrong way and thought he meant he was wanting more people to use guns) after a long discussion he finally said what he meant was he was sorry for the people who could not use guns to help defend themselves.....he felt sorry for them not being able to help themselves.....because they don't use guns and someone else was using guns on them.

WHEW! glad I got that straightened out! This is a classic example however where a teacher let's say....might totally mis-read this and think Noah was intentionally meaning something really bad.....when he was totally innocent here and actually was only feeling bad for someone not being able to help defend themselves. It can be quite complicated sometimes in figuring out exactly what someone like Noah might mean....and he can become quite frustrated in the process of trying to explain it to me or anyone else.

Anyway....there you have it...his snippet the middle......his first animation!


Melissa said...

WOW Noah, that was great! You should try more of these...Love you!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Double WOW Naoh, this is something I couldn't figure out. You'll have to make more of them. Glad you found a new friend who also likes the Sonic plushies. Love you to the moon and back.

Drama Mama said...

Hi Guys. I've been super busy, and now I'm catching up.

I can't believe how grown up Noah is becoming...and his artistry?

I'll bet you can retire early, Melinda. That boy is going to do great things.