Friday, May 02, 2008

Noah's latest art project at school....studying/drawing hands.....and more....

Now you have to keep in mind Noah could not even draw a simple circular face with 2 eyes and nose and mouth until recently. He could not draw too much of anything to resemble things.....except his highways and homes sometimes and RR stuff. I mean his stuff looks very very primitive and of a child MUCH younger than his years....because he started out so late to develop any skills he might have. Also when he is excited or in a hurry he will color in like this...otherwise he can color much better now when he is relaxed. I can tell here he was WOUND TIGHT when he filled this all in.

ANYWAY......they were doing/studying/drawing HANDS and apparently had to do a MODERN version of the Mona Lisa. Noah is obsessed with SONIC he of course did this

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and called her the SONIC HEDGEHOG GIRL.......putting in the appropriate colors for it to be similar to SONIC.......but.....look closely at her hand........yes.....he ADDED a SONIC tattoo of sorts on her hands......

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check out CRAFTMANSHIP on the Art Rubic.....

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Now I am not sure what the assignment was but it says MODERN Mona Lisa......and I know "average is okay" but I thought he did an excellent personalized version of a MODERN Mona Lisa......makes me wonder if the teacher only wanted things to be done a SPECIFIC way and not any INDIVIDUAL way? You know what I mean.

Of course he scored well on the other areas.

This is his own hand he did....and again he incorporated SONIC stuff into it.....

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HE said this was a practice one and NOT where he actually traced around his hand and arm which is what they were to do. I asked if he had to do it again and he said he did another one but it still had SONIC included...just like this one.

He does this in about all his stuff now......not only doing the drawings of SONIC....but now also adding TEXT or short stories to go along with it! On most of the papers he brings home the backs almost always have SONIC in a scene...

anyway......his field trip will start today after they finish lunch....he goes to lunch at 11:30 and I don't know exactly when but the teacher made it sound like they would not be going till around 1:00 and not coming back till around 3:00. SO who knows. I want to be down there but also part of me does not want to be around to see it...I might feel an urge to run up and step in and I need to butt out if I can.

AND now it looks like it is going to storm. SURELY they won't be marching those kids downtown in a storm!??

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE Noah's drawing! and the SONIC character with text is very modern, very graphic novel, yes?