Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dear had a really rough day today......


I was sending e-mails back and forth to the principal requesting another IEP meeting when she then sent me one that told me you had been having a very bad day.  Apparently one boy in your class told you to hit another boy...which you did.......several times....on his back.   So they sent you to the principal's office for that.

You then later got into trouble for pushing a girl in her chair up closer to her desk.  I guess maybe she did not want to be pushed up I am not sure of those circumstance.....but you were not supposed to do that so again to the principal's office.

FINALLY you ended up trying to bite and scratch the first boy  you hit earlier in the day, later on in the day...because he was butting in trying to do something that had been assigned to you.

You told the principal you woke up grumpy.   When I asked you how you FELT when these episodes happen you said "very very bones feel weak and tired."  When I asked you WHY you do what  you do you said "my body tells me feels like it HAS to push or hit or move."

I know this has everything to do with your sensory integration issues.....because from little up you seek EXTRA physical stimulus to remain calm.  You used to body slam people and walls from preschool up.  You only stopped that about right before we moved back here to Ohio.  BUT you have no outlet for those needs to be filled there is a deficit.  You NEED this need for stimulus filled up in a positive way so you can better cope in other areas of you life.

I don't know what else to say tonight about all this other than we have a long way to go!

It has been raining for nearly 2 days straight.  If it stops by tomorrow morning...the Special Olympics will take place and you get to go watch for a couple of hours.  If not...I think the rain date is Monday but that is also the IEP meeting....though we could go before that.


I love you Noah...




Melissa said...

I hope you have a better day at school today little man. What about a punching bag at home? Would something like that work, or one of those plastic clowns that you can punch over? I guess that's not really the pushing stimulus he needs.

Love you both...can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

Enjoy the Special Olympics if they have it!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I'm sorry you've been having some trying days. Hope it soon gets better. We'll be seeing you Sunday. Love you, have a good day at school today.

Melinda said...

well Noah will attend part of the Special Olympics today..and not attend school. I will try to take some photos

Betsy said...

Hi....came over from Abe Lincoln's blog and saw your comment on Noah and autism. I have triplet boys with autism! We just finished our 3 IEP's this month, so I can completely empathize! Your Noah is a cutie...and noticed he's wearing a Jeff Gordon jacket in one of the pics in your slideshow! Go 24!!

Melinda said...

yep Abe is my dad......thanks for the visit and I am SURE you can definitely understand! ;)

Mama Bear said...

I love your blog!

I'm sorry your little guy had a rough day, I can relate.

Take Care!

Melinda said...

thanks Mama Bear!

kristi said...

Can they not pull Noah away and let him go run, roll, or whatever when he is having days like this??

Melinda said...

that is what they used to do......because he DOES need true movement and sensory cope....I have discovered they are really not providing a sensory diet of any kind within his classroom setting. I think they do provide some more movement in the Resource Room. They do punish him for behaving badly......but at the same time they need to realize sometimes he is acting out because he does need some movement to remain calm. I think they forget that and I will have to push this if it continues or goes into next year.

He used to have FIDGETS to play with even at his desk...special things to sit on...etc. They have not provided those to him this time round I guess thinking he does not require them any longer and can cope fine without them. I think maybe he some point he reaches maximum overload and if he had an outlet of movement provided (even him using a ruler at his desk moving it back and forth) would help.

They are truly trying to mold him into one like everyone else......without any NEEDS such as he will fit into the regular classroom setting better. I do not necessarily agree with this...but if he can adapt and get to the point where he does not require stimulus except at specific times (like once he gets home)...then maybe it is okay. I am torn.

Lately however Noah does spend a LOT of his time once home crashing around or making a LOT of sounds and doing lots of movement...I KNOW to try to recover from the stress of sitting still and doing everything just so-so perfectly the rest of his day.

It is a process...always has been ....always will be.....and it can be frustrating trying to inform these teachers what he needs when they obviously do not think it necessary. This is when a BEHAVIORAL specialist comes in if I can only find one!