Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear Noah...the field trip was a success!

We got there before your class but that was okay. They finally showed up about 30 minutes later. Their journey was over 3 miles. I still cannot believe they had those kids WALK that entire way.....and on a STATE ROUTE instead of getting a couple of buses to haul them out there.

BUT you had a good time...and a short day from school. Back home grandma C. stopped by to say hi as she came to town to do some shopping.

Not many days left in school!




Melissa said...

3 miles and a State Route? That's just crazy! Where did they go?

Melinda said...

They went out to Shawnee Prairie reserve!

Jack and Joann said...

What would they have done if someone had gotten ill? I really question the wisdom of this school system.

Melinda said...

I KNOW! I thought about that too.....they had NO nurse go with them on the trip.....although I don't believe any nurse went with us o field trips in the past....I guess they would have taken the person to the Nature Center and asked someone there for help. I know Noah's parapro had her cell phone so I guess they could always call for a parent to come pick up a child.

It took these kids over an hour to even get out there. AND then they walked around more while there on the trails. I worried more about getting there and back since part of the trip was to be on that St. Rt where cars go over 55 MPH.

SO I took Noah and picked him up. I doubt his legs and feet could have handled all that walking yet anyway.