Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Noah.........our local Domino's pizza closing???

OH NO! Grandma C. told us they were closing because the owner is retiring...and the local pizza place bought him out. I am not sure of the details and if they will change it to be another local pizza place or continue with the Domino's......but you and I are both thinking from what grandma said it sounds like Domino's is closing its doors here in town.

If that happens.....I don't know what we will do.......

needless to are stressed.....since that is the main staple of your diet.

We will work out something.......

I love you


UPDATE.....THEY DID CLOSE UP AND ALREADY! Today on the way to school we noticed the SIGN was off the Domino's pizza place already and they were already closed. NO COUNT down warning or anything! I think that is all very weird and very fast even if they were going to retire. I mean they said nothing to us last week about closing up when I picked up a pizza there.

NOW I have to drive at least 20 miles or more to get Noah his pizza....crap


kristi said...

That just stinks!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Perhaps the new owners will have pizza that taste like Domino's We got a Domino'scheese pizza in Tipp City the night Becky and I watched Audrey, but it wasn't that good, I think they over baked it. Hope you don't have to drive 20 miles to pick one up.

Melissa said...

Well, hopefully they will reopen under a new manager. When I come over this weekend, I can always bring one with me! Love you!