Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Noah...Monday's IEP meeting......


(Noah sleeping in strange positions...that white thing on his right arm is his left foot) When he was little many times he would sit but fall forward sitting cross legged and sleep like that. 

It went pretty well.  I feel much more comfortable about things we amended and updated.   The principal at the school is also the school psychologist so I asked her what her opinion was about the proposed changes for you next year.  Your teachers think you should try full days in the regular classroom with an inclusion teacher being in the room.  So there would be 2 teachers in the room and she would be able to help you in areas you needed help if you needed help.....but she would also be there to help anyone...mostly special needs kids but also any other student who might need a helping hand.   I think we all are aware academically you do not belong in the Resource Room.  However.....we all also know being in the regular classroom full time might be too much for you to handle all the time.  The principal is more like me......wanting to try to set you up for success and not have things change so much and become so frustrating before you can handle it that you get burned out on the entire school experience.  There will be many changes for you next year.  SO we have decided to let you try it for the first 4 weeks of school and then reconvene to discuss how things are going after that first full month back to school.   It may work well for you and you will be able to handle it.......or it may not.  We can  then make any changes that might be necessary and update your IEP again.

I was also told as you go to new grade levels....some teachers may not be all that familiar with autism.  However, I personally think since there seems to be quite a few in the school systems now with autism....that the teachers should be required to take some basic class or course to learn the most basics of autism at the very least.  I cannot imagine a school system not seeing that as something definitely warranted.   I hope and pray more schools will send their teachers through some type of training......or maybe bring someone to the school to help EDUCATE them on autism.

Otherwise you have been doing pretty well.  You made me a very nice Mother's Day card.....and then bought me one too.  We saw some old cars at a car show Saturday night and had family over for a cookout on Sunday.  Of course I had to fix you something else entirely to eat....so you had garlic toast and spaghetti sauce.....

It won't be long now and school will be out.  I love you very much and am thankful you have done so well this year in school!




izzgoo said...

I thought of you last night, We have an Autistic young adult that goes swimming at my local pool with his carer regularly.(she also takes him hiking etc)

He is a really considerate lad, always making room for other swimmers and has a great smile, he does however have loud vocal tics and picks up any lose paint rubbish etc. However most of the regular swimmers accept him happily.

Last night a really obnoxious couple (real trailer park trash!)that regularly get in everyones way, noticed his carer struggling to get him to finish changing and commented that ... "that bloody paraplegics still getting changed" I contemplated responding "At least he isn't as ignorant as you a paraplegic is someone who has lost use of their limbs he is autistic and then going on to explain what that means" I didn't as he was rather muscley How would you respond?

Melinda said...

tough call. Unfortunately with some people..if we are honest about it...they just don't really want or care to know the real facts of a given situation. Their ignorance is obvious ...but never will be to themselves....so it probably would be wasted time and energy trying to explain anything factual to them.

One could try....and you know present it just in a generic way....like "oh he's not paraplegic....he has autism....a neurological disorder.....etc." but you would probably lose them pretty early on with that.

I am sitting here trying to imagine myself in that scenario and what I would have said or done. I am not sure but knowing me.....I would have probably said something whether the one had muscles or not....but that is my nature. I get open my mouth pretty easily if something lights a fire under my butt! Whether that be good or bad? Not sure. Sometimes I need to stop....take a breather and think before I speak. I am getting better at that...but I would have probably said something to these people.....just to point out to them how WRONG they were and maybe it would embarrass them enough they would be too afraid to speak out loud with their thoughts in the future?

wow....see....it got me a little riled up just THINKING about the whole thing.

Funny you said you thought about me last night....I never imagine anyone thinking of me anywhere at any time...so odd.

izzgoo said...

Ah the world of blogging, there is lot of people thinking of you when they read the blog, and of course Noah! In a good way though!

Yeah I often find myself thinking clever responses after the event, my other half is the opposite and never responds, he once had a stranger headbutt him randomly he ignored it and kept walking, the next guy that he headbutted reacted and fought back and got real beaten up, the headbutter was clearly on drugs and irrational though? I think my problem is worrying what people think of me I expect I will respond if something similar happens though.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad your meeting went smoothly and you got some things worked out for next year. Again, Melinda, thank you for the nice dinner on Mother's Day. Love you.