Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear are so sweet....



(Part of the front of the booklet and the first page only of the inside......)

Tuesday you brought something home from school to give to me as a Mother's Day present. It was a booklet you made with all your personal thoughts or wishes for me. Your opinions on things about me. This booklet means so much to me. It has taken such a very long time for you to finally get to the point where you are able to express yourself with words....and now to state your opinions and write them down!? WOW! I know in the past I wondered if this day would ever come to pass.

I find it fascinating to see the little man you are becoming and how you express yourself. You are showing us all that you are not just a walking shell or zombie....but have true feelings and opinions that have just taken a very long time in finding a way to be unleashed. Now that they have been...I am in awe of how personable you have become. You can make your OWN opinions now on things and have definite likes and dislikes....all based on what YOU feel...not on what we prompt you to feel. This is HUGE. To be able to then take your thoughts and formulate them and express them to someone else (like me in this booklet) is earth shattering for me. It is such a huge accomplishment.

You have gone from not talking at only really being prompted what to say and how to now being able to talk pretty well all on your own.....and most times not needing a prompt or reminder (though you still do sometimes).

I know I am doing a lousy job expressing this to you or anyone else. I know other moms out there with autistic children will understand what I am trying to say.

I will treasure this booklet forever Noah. I love it. I love you. I love reading your thoughts you wrote yourself in this booklet. I love the fact that you are sharing more of YOU with me and the world.

I will love you forever and ever!




Melissa said...

That's sweet what he wrote Melinda! He's such a good little guy. We love him a lot! :) And you too of course! :D

Melinda said...

thanks Melissa......we love you guys too.....Noah wrote many pages similar to this one page

kristi said...

Aw, I can't wait til' TC is doing the same thing!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Very nice Noah. Makes Mommy happy to see and read the little booklet you made for her. Have a great evening and day tomorrow. Love you to the moon and back. I think Grandma needs a nap, sure am getting sleepy.