Monday, October 09, 2006


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Tonight I discovered you have an incredible ability. I at whim asked you...."do you know how old you would be in 2033?" and you INSTANTLY answered "34!!" matter-of-factly. This actually started on Sunday at Grandma C.'s house. We were talking about the future and dates and you started doing this then.

Tonight different dates got brought up again. I wanted to see if last night had been a fluke or you really COULD easily and INSTANTLY come up with the answers to questions like that in your head. AND YOU DID. EVERY single time I asked you a year in the future and how old you would be you would answer me......and then you took it a step further and many times compared YOUR future age to how much older you would be then from Grandma C.'s age now. I find this incredible. I asked you how you could do this....did you figure it out in your mind or did you just see the answer in your mind. You said you could just SEE the answer in your mind. It was incredible...something I have only seen done in movies!

I think you are incredible......and you are really blossoming into a most amazing young man.

I love you! :X

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