Monday, October 02, 2006

Dear Noah:

The last few nights you have had a hard time sleeping and falling asleep. OR STAYING asleep! The night before last you got up in the middle of the night and said you were hot....needed a fan......needed a brighter nightlight......after a short time I got you re-situated back in bed.

LAST night around 11:30 p.m. you got back up .....crying.......saying you were starving! You had told me earlier around 9:00 (ONE hour before bed) you were hungry but I said that was too close to bed to eat M&Ms (your preferred SNACK). I told you if you were hungry you could eat real food or crackers this close to bed. You chose NOT to. SO here you came at 11:30 p.m. crying saying you were STARVING and needed a snack. I was so mad.....but can understand if you were hungry how bad that is trying to fall asleep HUNGRY. I said you could have crackers or a bowl of bananas...your sometimes in-between food when you are torn on what to eat. YOU QUICKLY accepted the Gerber Stage 3 bananas......and inhaled them like there was no tomorrow. Back to pee and into bed and you were sound asleep pretty quickly!

THIS CANNOT keep happening and I do hope and pray it is not a new trend or phase you are going to start going through.

I love you anyway.......oh...yesterday you got your first traffic light for your collection. I gave you a traffic light LAMP which you love. If we switch the bulbs out to non-blinking you could use that for a better nightlight at night....though it may distract you too much.

love you



Peggy Square said...

Sometimes it shocks me to read your posts and know that you are out there living with a son so similar to mine. Harry also has been pulling the "starving routine" late at night. He has also just started twisting and twirling his hair again. I will have to try the elastics...

Sleep is overrated right?

Melinda said...

hahahha....I treasure my sleep when I can actually get some!