Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dear Noah:

So you have really been getting into Charlie Brown books...which I think is great. Problem are starting to talk like some of them do....and it is not always great. Lucy calls people and things "STUPID" a lot. You think it is funny. You laugh at Linus' hair standing straight up on end......almost to the point of falling out of your chair you laugh so hard. You like to say "rats" and "good grief" now. The true mimic for sure.

To this point. We were at grandma C.'s house the other night for dinner. A politician promoter was going door to door leaving flyers on mailboxes. This bothered you. SO you went out and grabbed the first flyer off the mailbox. Not 5 minutes later the guy came back with ANOTHER flyer...(guess he figured this house was missed as there was no flyer). THIS TOTALLY freaked you opened the door and ran out and yanked it off the mailbox and brought it in!

You stood guard over the open door. It was chilly outside and grandma had her heat on and I said to shut the door. You said "no mommy....I have to stand here in case that STUPID man comes back with another STUPID flyer and I will tell him NOOOOOOO...don't leave us another one we already have TWO!!!"

grandma got to did I was funny.......but probably not great you said STUPID. I know that is not a bad word and it could be worse. You could be saying a cuss word. However...I never liked the word stupid and do not like for anyone to call someone else stupid....or things stupid. It was a word I was careful to never use around you or let others use around you.

AND this is an example as to why I did not....

but anyway......I do find it hilarious now when you will wail out "oh good grief" as you run down the hallway giggling.

mommy loves you Noah......:X

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