Tuesday, October 17, 2006

autism links

Autism Information, help, support, and interests

Aspies For Freedom This site has autism and aspergers forums with information for parents of children with autism and for adults on the spectrum. It has an autism chat room and articles on autism rights issues. The attached autism wiki is filled with info on autism education, autism therapies and autistic behaviour explanations. It's a really positive site overall.
Aut TV - The autism tv channelAut TV is the exclusive internet tv channel that features original productions by people on the autism spectrum, plus information on films, documentaries and tv shows about autism and related issues. Includes the extremely popular "Einstein: The autism connection" documentary.
Spectrum Haven Forums for kids, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum, including asperger's syndrome, ADD, ADHD, hyperlexia, PDD-NOS, and dyspraxia. It has a chat room and information and news.
Chat Autism Website for the IRC Network ChatAutism which has many autism support chat rooms, for parents, and kids and adults with autism and Aspergers. Anyone with an interest in autism can join and chat too. It's the first and only network for autistics to chat with each other, and anyone on the spectrum is free to open their own room there.
Autism.AtAll the autism sites are here. Pixel ad for autism websites. Join for free and show the whole community your autism site or blog.
A For AutismAn A-Z guide to all the autism basics. Great for newcomers to autism, and parents of newly diagnosed children. Includes the autism checklist, signs of autism, and information on therapies.
Autistic VideoAutism videos of all kinds. Music videos by people with autism and Aspergers, animated videos on autism, films on autism, autism news videos, and autism documentaries. Anyone is free to submit a video related to autism, or by someone on the spectrum for the site. Submissions welcomed.
autBlogsBlogs by autistics, aspies, and parents of autistics. Join today and let people read your blogs.
Amy's Blog Autism Information Blog that deals with autism rights issues such as the autism minority status.
Autism Assembly This site is an assembly of autistics and their websites that are against the idea of a cure for autism. it is proactive in the autism rights movement.
Autistic Pride Day The official site for Autistic Pride Day celebrated on June 18th each year. It's a global event for celebrating differences in neurodiversity.
Mozart and the Whale fansiteFansite for the Asperger's Syndrome film. It is a love story about two people on the autism spectrum who find romance in a world that misunderstands them.
Autism WikiAutism information, advice on therapies, depression, mental health, autism rights, autism education and much more
Autism EncyclopediaAutism help with the largest collection of autism information on any one site on the internet. Search facility to find any subject.
Celebrate Autism NowCelebrate autism and the achievements of autistics with this positive site with mini biographies and information on people with autism and asperger's syndrome who are role models. Includes Temple Grandin, Luke Jackson, Dan Ackroyd and Gary Numan.
Autism Images Free to use images, banners, avatars and signatures related to autism, aspergers and autism rights. Colourful, cute and beautiful designs suitable for website, forums, or to be printed onto t-shirts.
AutfinityFantasy meets reality....Island of Autfinity for spectrum people...
Autistic Culture Read about the origins of autistic culture, includes the history of autism, autistic art, and articles about the subject. Part of the global autism rights movement.
Aspie Friends Friendship and Dating site for people with Aspergers and autism. The service is free and includes a private messaging system.
Autism News All the latest autism news and information on autism education, autism therapies, and medications. Special features on research and genetic issues. Updated daily from sources all around the world.
The Geek SyndromeThe Geek test for asperger's syndrome. Test yourself to see if you are an 'Aspie' or on the autism spectrum. Also includes information on Aspergers Syndrome for people with an interest in neurodiversity.
Autism Prenatal TestThis site discusses all the social and medical implications of searching for, and discovering a prenatal test for autism. It includes articles on prenatal tests, autism, and eugenics.
Autism StatisticsGet the real statistics on autism from Government verified sources, charities, and education systems. Knowledge is power. Find the facts on autism education, employment, medication, occurence, and effectiveness of therapies.
Jobs For AutisticsAdvice for autistics looking for work, How To Guides, CVs and resumes, where to find jobs by country. Offers the opportunity for employers to contact those seeking work.
AutisticsAutism site with autism forums, autism chat rooms, lots of information and parents forums for advice.
Autism ChatRoomLooking for an online support chat room for parents with autistic children? Try Autism ChatRoom. If you are an adult with aspergers syndrome we have a chat room too, and even one for kids and teens on the autism spectrum.
Prenatal Test For AutismRead about the action over the prenatal test for autism here.
Aspergers.AtDeutsche Asperger Syndrom seite. Mit forum und chat.


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