Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dear Noah:

You have discovered what being "funny" is. I made you spaghetti sauce and garlic toast the other night and our house smelled sooo good. You were in the bathroom and had yelled for me to come "check your butt" as you just had a bowel movement.

On my way walking into the bathroom I said "our house smells soooo good....just like an Italian restaurant" to which you very promptly replied with a devilish grin on your face "NOT in here!" are hilarious! You are cracking jokes all the time these days.......and are really starting to understand what FUNNY things mean!

You know this causes me to think. It seems eventually you always get to where you need to be with talking or understanding things or developmental milestones. You get there...just on your own time. SO perhaps we really do not need to be too overly concerned about lack of progress sometimes because for the past 7 years......the truth is ALWAYS eventually accomplish whatever it is you are supposed to be accomplishing for that time in your life.

Stress is off me a lot more since I have realized and accepted this. I even let you do school more at your own pace now and do not PUSH it down your throat.

i love little stinky butt!

mommy :X

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